Saturday, February 28, 2009

vice / virtue - 1st half of life / 2nd half of life

It's been said that the thing that are your vices in the first half of your life may turn to into the virtues in the second half of your life. And also the virtues of the first half of your life may likely turn into your vices in the second half of your life. Gives one pause, doesn't it?

What might this look like in real life?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Lifeway Group, the Southern Baptist folks, have started placing warning stickers on books in their stores that don’t meet their standards and suit their tastes. They say, strangely enough, “Read with Discernment.” This is probably a nice way of saying, “This book is full of crap, but we’ve decided to sell it anyway because times are tough, and this book is selling quite well.”

I was wondering if I got the sticker on the book I hope to be selling very soon, "Life As Prayer: A Paradigm for Contemporary Spirituality Inspired by Ancient Piety” if I would get the sticker. I probably would, because I would be using Brother Lawrence as a case in point, and he was not Evangelical. He was Catholic, and it was well after the Protestant Reformation, so the choice was his to follow the true teachings of the Bible, now wasn’t it? So, I might get the sticker slapped on my book.

However, would this hurt or help book sales? It might help. It might make the book seem daring or edgy. People might feel a little rebellious, sort of, when buying it. They might feel like they aren’t part of the establishment, they are post-something, on the cutting edge. Yes, whole sections of Baptist will fear buying it, or leaving out on the coffee table, out in the open, but the sticker could give the book “street cred.”

I hope all books are read with discernment. When is a book written that is 100% perfectly by a perfect author who has direct, unencumbered communication with God? I think as mature people we can read what Christians of many traditions have to say, discuss what is helpful, and sift away the rest. The panic mentality - sticker shock- if you will, is not surprising at all. It gains strength from creating an insider mentality, and propagating fear and mistrust. It also smacks of a mild form of book burning-a smolder. Oh, what to do with hysterical Christians! How quickly we forget all the fire and brimstone types of messages Jesus gave were really for the religious folks. Is it any wonder?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Birthday-give-away: Details (including mystery prize)

The items here are all the gifts I'm handing out for my birthday 2/23, plus there is one collection of gifts for a mystery gift.

To join in the celebration, you may request one of these gifts one of the following ways:
1. tweet me either @lisacolondelay or direct message @lisacolondelay (include which one you'd like)
2. email (include which one you'd like)
3. send me a facebook message. Lisa Colón DeLay. (include which one you'd like)
Each gift recipient will be picked at random based on a formula and the number of participants.

I am also giving away one mystery package of odd, fun, goodies and treats.
To get this one, do can do any of the above, but you just need to be more creative. Maybe include why you'd like the mystery prize. This is the big one.
Most creative participant will win this one.

Description of gifts show:
(click on image for larger view.)

Upper left: Mini frame. unfinished wood frame. frame opening measures 1.75" x 2.5".
Upper right: handcrafted tiger bead wire ring. Size 6.5, includes gift box.
Second down left: semi precious stone necklace.
Second down right: leaf bracelet.
Third down left: asian motif embroidered coin purse.
Third down right: beach charm bracelet.
Fourth down left: 3 unfinished wooden frames (from IKEA), 10x15cm, (4"x6".)
Fourth down right: 5 Pilot v-7, (7mm) fine point pens.
Bottom left: 8 mini candles and 4 glass holders. Lightly scented lavender.
Bottom right: IKEA metal basket 10x7x6cm, with screws for hanging.

Blessings to you.

Pictures and info about gifts to come soon

Check back soon for pictures and details of the gifts I'll be giving away for my birthday. It's fun to celebrate this way with you. Enjoy life, and spread the love!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Title change

If you've been here before, you might notice I changed the title at the top of the page here.

In English the word "Spirit" is derived from the Latin word "Spiritus" which is translated from the Greek word for "breath" (Pneuma).

Realizing that God is Spirit and has no body, it may give new perspective to the Scripture:

Genesis 2:7 (New International Version - UK)
The LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fantastic Freebie- IKEA organizing tube for computer cables

Picture all the crazy wires and cables behind and around your computer bundled in a tidy tube. These 3 packages of IKEA organizing tubes with fasteners can be yours as part of my February giving spree, when you Tweet my Twitter account lisacolondelay telling me why you need them (for you or someone you know) in 6 words or less. (Yes, I give points for creativity.) Also, you may email following the 'get in my loop' link at my website Spread the word, other fun give-aways to come this month.

Have fun. : )

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

(continued from Feb 6) ... adult development / identity crisis

If you found yourself falling into the list on the Feb 6 post, you are like many adults. You find yourself floating mainly in a "stage 4" of adult development (see: Erikson, Leibert, Kolhberg, Fowler, etc). The trouble with this is that a crisis of identity is likely near at hand, or a transition from this stage may cause emotional and spiritual turmoil that may feel disconcerting, surprising, or troubling.

It is quite common in midlife, or sooner, (especially if one is reflective, or experiences tragedy) to question the deeper meanings of existence. At this point, people tend to either regress, or move onward to deeper spiritual progression. While some get fast sport cars, a mistress, or plastic surgery, (perhaps a regression, or a misguided and roundabout way to finding meaning) others might re-think their priorities. They might down shift from the fast lane of high paying jobs and big mortgages, and spend more time with family and walking with their Maker. Each person's way will look different.

You will find your movement to the next stages more obvious when some of these qualities emerge:
- Neat boundaries for knowing become more faint and less certain
- Interests take on aims beyond self-preoccupation into other's realities
- Self-reflection for the purpose of betterment is more possible as the needs of others become more of a focus
- Once cherished boundaries are less important as one's sense of grace and justice for all takes hold. (boundaries like ethnicity, nationality, denomination, religion, class, etc.)

Send your questions or comments-

Monday, February 09, 2009

Broken love, and Other

A most difficult epiphany is to realize people, though sometimes well-intentioned, do not love well. Their love will be somehow contaminated by unmet longing and human imperfection. And in them, we will wish for our desires to be fulfilled. So, we get it wrong, and we try again. Or we start to protect ourselves.

When we reach up, or out, or in, (because God is Omnipresent, that is, everywhere present) to the Other that is not us, that is Supreme, a kind of Love may be found that can satisfy, and fill up with renewable love. This has been termed "saving grace" and "living water", and it will fill and then will and can spill out from us on to others for their benefit. I've found it's the only non broken kind of love. For human kinds of love, we must hold them loosely-not hoping they quench something for us. And we must love freely, drawing from this better Spring/Source.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Spiritual remedies for cabin fever

This time is dangerously close to the "dead of winter". Typically it's not a good time of year for me, and many others, emotionally, and sometimes spiritually. I've been considering ways to make things different this time around.

Today it was almost "warm"... it was in the low 40s, so I took my kids for a walk, after we bundled up. I tried to consider the beauty of the created world, and be very present in the moment--being aware of who I was, and who I belonged to. I belong to the Divine. The Divine is mine and I am the Divine's. When you grasp your bearings, you can know yourself, at least for a bit, until you find there is more to learn. Cabin fever, for me, can tear that process away from me a bit.

I could use some tips, how do you remedy cabin fever?

Friday, February 06, 2009

How to know if you will suffer an identity crisis in the next 5-10 years

Will you suffer an identity crisis (or spiritual crisis) in the next 5-10 years:
(or sooner...perhaps, even now... but I won't tell.)

- If you are over 25 and are still using your energies for clear definitions and establishing self-identity.

- If you are over 25 and you try to impress others with your achievements, capabilities, or who you know.

- If you are over 25 and find yourself becoming upset when you lack validation from others.

- If you are over 25 and you find yourself hoping that people like you.

- If you are over 25 and it's important for you to "fit it", "be hip", and be "up on the latest...".

(If some of these are true, then you could be a "Stage 4"...out of 7 of the adult developmental stages. I've had to do all the reading.)

There are interesting things to consider with regards to development, and certain new perspective truly avoid unneeded turmoil too, (sooner or later)... check back in a few days.

to be continued. . .

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

3rd prize-candy

What you see featured here is a local delicacy of Schuylkill County, PA. Found only regionally, and made by the Costas candy company of Pottsville, PA since 1922, these chocolately peanut butter snack sandwiches are not all that original an idea, but quite tasty!

In the continued spirit of generosity this month, I will mail these two delectable treats to a selected person who emails me their mailing address, along with a funny short story involving themselves and candy, by Feb 10. Be creative. Go to my website listed on this page, and find the email Get in the Loop link. Best'll want these treats.

Monday, February 02, 2009

life-changing quotes . . .

This was a paradigm shifting quote I heard on the radio once, "The angriest people (in the world) are the people who are most afraid."

It didn't seem quite true when I first heard it. But it did once it sank in. I know if we waltz up to tyrannical fuming types, they may contend they fear nothing. In reality many things put them ill-at-ease. Many people, ideas, situations are too much to handle. They can't control themselves.(It makes them "other possessed" rather than self-possessed too, yeah?) This inner activity is actually often fear having a manifestation we typically term "anger". (It's just about pitiable when you think about it that way.)

Next prize-just in time for LOVE DAY - Feb. 14

Winner is most clever haiku about love emailed to me before Feb 8th. You must include your mailing address in your entry. Link to my email at my website (link is called 'get in my loop'-Joining my 'email update list' is not necessary to enter, just indicate your preference).

Ring stats:
Size 5.5. Wire jewelry (art wire) and beads, handmade my me, includes gift box. No charge for mailing costs.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Free leather bound journal give-a-way

Here's the SCOOP- It's my birthday this month, and I'm doing something a bit different. I'll be giving things away all month. No, it's not like yard sale, as someone asked me. The things will be interesting, fun, stuff I enjoy (like maybe journals, certain snack items, techno-gadgets, stuff from IKEA, pens, etc.), things I make (like jewelry, art, photography, etc.), and even some mystery prizes (I may state the monetary value, or I may keep you guessing), because suspense can be fun too. Who doesn't like to get fun free things in the mail, I ask you? I'll mail out these things to those who respond to the directions posted, and one will be chosen each time. (This is void where prohibited. You are responsible to report all gifts of value, if you get any.)

It's my way of being generous. I know...crazy. Maybe no one will think I'm serious. But, I am... I think giving is worth a try.

This time, I'll mail out 1 leather bound journal (see photo below, in previous post) to a recipient picked, who emails me with a story (a few sentences is fine) of a time when journaling or writing made a difference in his or her life. (please send your mailing address, and indicate whether your name and story should remain private, or can be published.)

To email me, Go to my website Click on the "get in my loop" link to email me. (You will not receive updates from me, if you indicate that as your preference, and I never sell, rent, email address info.)

Best wishes.