Saturday, September 29, 2007

convincing vs. ?

We think convincing someone of God as we see him to be is more important than loving them as we see that he loves.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Behavior, being so very good

"Witnessing" isn't just showing others our religion is elaborate behavior modification system. I've seen so many try to SHOW "the world" they are DIFFERENT. They try to protray the --do's and don'ts list. -- the "I'm a good girl, or good boy role" This they think proves something. Something big must be going on, surely "the world", or sinners will wnat some.

Love trumps this. True love for them (the world), and true love of God too. The kind of love that is unaware of itself, because it is enraptured with such a great and gracious God. It speaks volumes. It's just rare to see it in the religious, and in "good girls" and "good boys".

Our behavior will follow, but it's not the place to start. Love is the thing. Compassion.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Emerging beyond 40 days - my guest writer gig

Hi there,

I was asked to be a contributing writer to a porpoise diving life for the month of September. My article is called Yahweh and Grace.

Here is the link:

Monday, September 03, 2007

visiting a sour church

We visited a church. It makes me glad we attend the church that we do. At this one, God seemed sneakier. He was going to be checking up on people A LOT. He was seeing if we were being good girls and boys. Seeing if they were being naughty or nice, checking a list, twice. WAIT A MINUTE!!!!

Maybe that was a false god! I think we were learning about Santa, and it was being presented as the coming Christ. That's the trouble with dogmatic prophetic teachings. You have to do gymnastics to make them all work out, and God comes off looking like a total jerk in the process.

I just kept thinking, if this was my first time at church, I would NEVER return. How sad that God is depicted as such a bad guy, or a sour fragrance.

It is the message of grace that is transforming. The message of "checking up on you" is already covered by speed trapping police hiding in the bushes. That sort of thing is nothing NEW. It doesn't bring people to repentance-- it brings them to resentment. On the contrary, it is the message of amazing love, abounding grace, and reconciliation that melts the hardened heart. It changes the command center of a person to wish to unite with acceptance and love, and feel connected and free for the first time ever.

I think as followers of Jesus, we have to pour out THIS fragrance to an unbelieving world.