Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quick thought

The amazing thing about Jesus, and therefore God, it that he was always taking human contrivances, and turning them upside down to show us the Higher Way.

Humility is oddly that higher way.

The sooner we get this the better. Possibly, the less we are in the mold of what the world values... being gorgeous or macho, having money, being independent, having a awesome job, etc., the more likely we are to “get it”, that is, understand what Jesus main message was… “be like me”.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Why do we worship?

I'm writing an article right now about prayer and the tempests of life.

It strike me in our postmodern world, the excruciating selfishness of our paradigm. So often we pray for needs. How little we tell God who he is. He is more than worthy of our worship and praise. We worship him in prayer, song, and just living with him in the forefront of our minds, because, to put it simply, HE IS GOD.

Here is a wee excerpt of an upcoming article. (read in progress)

Prayers of worship, praise, and thanksgiving are not something we do just to make ourselves feel better. They are done because God is worthy of these prayers. The beautiful byproduct of these messages to God, are blessing he pours out on us. At the very least these blessings bestow a correct perspective. And what a gift that is. God is the center of the universe– we are not. Our problems may seem to be the prevailing reality. In fact, they are merely a facet of our existence. The transcendent reality of our eternal God overarches all our storms. All is under his dominion. Prayers of worship, praise, and thanksgiving, place God is his rightful place in our mind, setting all the seas of our lives in proper order, and perspective.

Friday, November 03, 2006

culture clash

I was just reading the futurewatch blog. There was an interesting case study of sorts. An evangelical event was received poorly by unchurched attendees. The sad thing was that this came as a surprise. Well meaning Christians with a modern mindset and mode, seem to have a disconnect understand post-modern people and what Christianity looks like from the outside. The key I believe to reaching post-moderns isn't a "tent event" or camp meeting. It's not a attractional a cinema does.... The way use use to running things in the evangelical movement. Those things can have some success, but the crucial point that is missed is the integral element of authentic RELATIONSHIP. I talk about this is my upcoming book "I Love You, (in Theory): The misadventure of Christian grace" ... which is being reviewed by Thomas Nelson at the moment. I hope a deal goes through soon. There is a great need to understand the unchurched, and relate to them in a way that makes sense and is meaningful to them. It DOESN'T change the Good News message, but like Paul on Mars Hill, the delivery must be re-created. Not like window dressing, but as living breathing dynamic and organic relationally focused friendships that lead others to God through Jesus.