Monday, June 01, 2009

Believing stuff

I've been wondering about what makes a person believe something they did not believe before. I don't just mean life-after-death, or that God is there, or something really huge. I mean even something mundane, like that a certain product is actually better, or that a new friend is a true "keeper," or that the GPS person (voice speaking) isn't lying (read: mistaken) when they say, "turn right now."

I know it must have to do with trust. Some people will do that better, or more quickly. Others are just plain more skeptical. But are they more discerning, or more scared? Maybe both. Maybe they've been screwed over, and tricked, maybe too they have an analytical and curious mind that must investigate a good bit first. 

Maybe-on the other side-the quicker believers aren't just more susceptible to belief, but willing to growth and try, a bit more readily. They are perhaps flexible in their quests, and not pinned down like rigid thinkers can be.

Besides that-The two opinionated sides of the spectrum: Dogmatic types and Skeptic types are really both stuck. They both will have a difficult time improving, or having the abilities to take in new, useful information, because their minds are, in effect, made up.

What is the psychology at the turning point of belief...
for you, or in general...?
The spiritual (what is beyond the physical) plays a big part.

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